She Wood Know designs custom wood pieces that are: For Fun. For Purpose. For Home Décor.  Mary Perrin has been designing and building pieces for the last five years.  It all began with a desire to find the perfect basement pub table.  After furniture shopping for days and days, she gave up.  She knew EXACTLY what she wanted and had no luck finding it.  So she got the big idea that she would build one herself.  And she DID!  Since that first build she was hooked on the idea that she could make anything with a little ingenuity, enthusiasm, patience, and a stack of graph paper.  Her house is now a trove of unique pieces that are for fun, for purpose, and for home décor.  At the suggestion of many, one month ago she decided to take the leap and begin selling her wood projects to others.  

You won’t want to miss the weekly She Wood Know build posts!  Each week she will be posting a picture of the week’s project.  She will make a limited number of each project – in effort to maintain her sanity and refrain from feeding her kids cereal each night for dinner.  The number will depend on the level of detail for the project.  She cannot wait to share the weekly post with you!   In the case she is working on custom project pieces and you do not see a weekly build post, stay tuned...there will be more around the corner!