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What is a Private Workshop?

Private workshops are an opportunity for you to plan your event from start to finish.  You pick the date, the project, the price point, bring the food/drinks and decorations, and invite your people.  It's a build party!

What is included, and what can I bring?

All project materials are included.  Table cloths for the project tables are included as well.  Please bring decorations and food/drinks, if you'd like.  Alcoholic drinks are permitted if everyone participating is over the age of 21.  

How many people can participate?

There is space for 30 crafters; however, keep in mind that larger project pieces take more room on the tables to construct.  Therefore, if you have a lot of participants you may wish to keep the project type smaller in scale so you have a little more elbow room.  

How does pricing work?

Pricing is determined on the type of project selected to complete during your private event. For example, if a $35 project is selected, then the price is $35 per participant.  

What type of project can we make?

We have catalog of projects you can select from that range in price points.  Check out our Catalog for pricing and ideas.  Alternatively, if you have a project idea we can certainly run with that too. 

How do we schedule?

Interested in scheduling?  Great...Contact Us.  We would love to help you select a date and provide you with additional information as you plan your private workshop event here at Creative Studio.